Friday, 27 May 2011

Swarm Robotics@ IIT Bombay Techfest 2010.

Me and my friends took part in a very interesting robotics event  ANTZ, based on swarm intelligence, conducted by IIT Bombay during Techfest 2010. It had Indian participants as well as International participants from Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia.The initial rounds were conducted nationally to select 3 top teams each from India, Austalia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Then finally the 12 teams contested at the finals.

Our team was the winner(1st) of ANTZ WORLD FINALE. :)
Our team.From left-Vikas, Deepankar Singh, Rahul Sinha and me.

Swarm robotics basically includes a number of bots communicating with each other to coordinate an action.
Our event required 2 bots to communicate with each other to pick up boxes placed randomly in the arena and place the blocks in the certain required area. There were also included regions that were 1 bot zone, i.e. only 1 bot could enter at a time and similarly many more rules need to kept in mind.

Some snaps of the bots which took part in the event:

The video of our bot during the initial practice round. Our bot running on 100 rpm motors, in slow poke mode. lol!!

The only problem with this was speed. Our algorithm was perfect and we never got any fault, but the problem was speed. So, we doubled its speed by using 200 rpm motors and changed calibration, and now it was just rock n rolla!! :)
Sadly our camera was lost on the last day ( sighs ), so can't upload our final run video.  :(

Still njoy the videos of  other bots:

Now lets talk about swarm robotics. The main component of concern here is the communication between bots. For this purpose, these days a lot of modules are available, but the modules which are mainly used for hobby robotics are:

1) CC2500 2.4Ghz RF transceiver module

2) Zigbee module
Using the above modules we communicate regaurding the position and status of bot, and thus plan our actions accordingly.

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