Thursday, 16 June 2011

OpenCV: Alien Attack

Aliens have attacked and u r the sole survivor. So, to survive, u need to slap them to death. :)
I have been playing it for an hour nearly and am loving it. :)

It has been made using OpenCV and C++. It is an addition to the interface in the previous post. Hope u like it.

To enjoy it U have to download the file games.rar from the link below
Unzip it in ur E drive (important) directly. Run the game.exe to execute. Njoy :)


  1. Amit....abeyyyy...Nintendo wii has got a new rival... ;)

  2. Hi, can i know how insert the image (imm.jpg) into the stream video (from web cam)
    and how I can identify if I touch the image ?
    Thank you, very much.

  3. Hii
    TO insert the image follow the steps a frame from cam

    2.Set the ROI(region of interest) in the image, i.e. the area in which u want to insert the image

    3. Crop the frame according to ROI

    4. Put the image or resize the pic "imm.jpg" into the ROI.

    5. Now reset the image ROI, i.e. return the frame to original size

  4. In opencv using c++, code is

    cvSetImageROI(camframe, ROI);
    cvResize(imm, camframe);
    cvResetImageROI( camframe );

    Here, ROI refers to the area where image is to be inserted

  5. hello there, can u please help with the gesture recognition program using opencv??

  6. Gesture recognition is a bit difficult task.Gesture recognition cannot be done directly .One need to do feature recognition first then it is possible.Perfect gesture recognition needs research.

  7. can i knw how to play sound using opencv.... my project is wenever it detects an object in a particular region,it needs to giv warning to the user in the form of audio. can u please suggest me a way to play sound...??