Friday, 29 July 2011

U.G.V(Unmanned Ground Vehicle)

It started with the "DRDO DRIVING INNOVATION STUDENT ROBOTICS COMPETITION 2010". This is where everything started, it has been one hell of a time since then. 

The basic requirements for making a UGV are:
  • Camera - to take visual input and find the path.
  • Laser range detector - for detecting obstacles and avoiding them.
  • Locomotion system or the chasis along with motors and wheels for making the bot move.
  • GPS- for tracking its position.
  • Wireless module for E-Stop.
  • A team with madly interested people. In my case, our team consisted of my friends Deepankar, Gigyanshu, Rahul, Keshav and Abhishek.
  • A lot of night outs and workshop deliveries :)   
We started off with Matlab. But as it was very slow, we switched on to OpenCV.
This is the video of our UGV following the lane.

An example of lane detection by our UGV can be seen below:

In the video, the bot is working only through lane detection and there is Wireless E-Stop for emergency.
Now, we have added the obstacle detection and avoidance to it, as well as GPS tracking. 

Next time I will be posting the videos regaurding obstacle avoidance, and other modifiactions to it..

Untill then....Next time.....

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