Friday, 6 November 2015

Parrot Rolling Spider Drone

Hey Friends,
I am back again with some projects that I am currently working on. I would love to hear new possibilities as well as what could be done to improve the same.

I recently got my hands on the Parrot rolling spider drone. It is a small sized drone of around the size of a palm that can be controlled by Bluetooth BLE. I selected the following setup:

The round thingies are IR reflector markers which I am using in the lab setting along with Optitrack cameras to keep track of the drones position. I intend the drone to be able to do certain tasks autonomously such as going from one point of area to other or traversing through a series of waypoints or maybe following another ground bot. I also aim to develop voice controlled app to control the drones via speech.

I order to achieve my goal, I started off with controlling the drone manually from any PC. To do so, I came across a wonderful library:

This library can be used to hack the rolling spider or send commands to the rolling spider. The link is self sufficient, but I would like to reiterate it here. Please follow the following steps to be able to use the library:
  1. Install Nodejs.
    The link for the same is:
  2. Install Python v2.7.3(recommended)
    The link for it is:

    After this, we need to add the path variable for python.exe.
  3. Install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2013(Express Edition)
    The link:
  4. Windows 7 SDK.
    The link :
  5. Install node-gyp.
    The zip file for the same needs to be downloaded from:

    It can be installed by executing the following command in command prompt.:
    npm install -g node-gyp
  6. Next u need a bluetooth 4.0 BLE adapter. Then the driver needs to changed to Winusb using the zadig tool.
    The link for the same is:
  7. Install Noble. It is a node.js BLE central module. The link and detailed information can be found on:

    The zip file needs to downloaded from the link. It can be installed through command prompt by the following command:
    npm install -g noble
  8. Now we go to the last step, that is installing the rolling-spider library.
    For this download the zip file from:

    To install, do it through command prompt:
    npm install rolling-spider
More information can be found on the libraries in the respective links given by the developers. Its simply amazing :)

So, now we are all set to be able to get our drone flying. We need to type in a set of actions using the rolling-spider library to command the drone. I started off with controlling the drone via keypress events. The code can be seen below:

'use strict';

var RollingSpider = require('rolling-spider');
var temporal = require('temporal');
var rollingSpider = new RollingSpider();

var keypress = require('keypress');

rollingSpider.connect(function () {
  rollingSpider.setup(function () {
console.log('Now Active for receiving commands');
console.log('Give your input');
// listen for the "keypress" event
process.stdin.on('keypress', function (ch, key) {
  console.log('got "keypress"',;
  if (key && key.ctrl && == 'c') {
  else if (key && == 'w') {
console.log('Going forward');

rollingSpider.forward({step:10, speed: 30});

  else if (key && == 's') {
console.log('Going backward');
          rollingSpider.backward({steps: 15, speed: 20});
   else if (key && == 'a') {
          console.log('Going left');
          rollingSpider.tiltLeft({steps: 15, speed: 20});
   else if (key && == 'd') {
          console.log('Going right');
          rollingSpider.tiltRight({steps: 15, speed: 20});

  else if (key && == 't') {
 console.log('Getting ready for takeOff!');

  else if (key && == 'l') {
          console.log('Time to land');
  else if (key && == 'up') {
          console.log('Going up');
          rollingSpider.up({steps: 15, speed: 20});

  else if (key && == 'down') {
          console.log('Going down');
          rollingSpider.down({steps: 15, speed: 20});
   else if (key && == 'left') {
          console.log('Turn Left');
          rollingSpider.turnLeft({steps: 15, speed: 20});
   else if (key && == 'right') {
          console.log('Turn Right');
          rollingSpider.turnRight({steps: 15, speed: 20});
  else if (key && == 'f') {
          console.log('OMG Flip!');
    else if (key && == 'q') {
          console.log('Bye Bye');


Then after being able to run the drone, I wanted to create a voice controlled app to control the drone. I started learning with android studio. I have to say its fun :)
This is when I came across MIT appinventor. I was amazed at how good it is and how simple and easy have they made for us to make an app. I was able to make the voice controlled app and the run video is:

After this, I decided to use Optitrack to keep track my Drones position and make it follow a set of waypoints. The waypoints here consist of points on the track. It needs to be more stable and perfect. But still it works :D. The result of the same is:

The problems that I faced for my project were many. Sometimes the drone refused to move, sometimes got freezed. I am still working on it. Moreover the Optitrack PC and my laptop communicate using socket communication and I am facing error that sometimes it throws socket has been closed error. Hope I get it fixed soon :D

I recently got my hands on the Parrot AR drone 2.0. Time to get to work :D


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